GIOM Acute Movement Problems 60 tablets + 20% extra free

GIOM Acute Movement Problems 60 tablets  + 20% extra free
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  • A very effective Czech product for lameness or limping and other movement problems.
  • High content of MSM, Boswellia and Vitamin C
  • Suitable for osteoarthritis and other inflammatory diseases..
  • Improves joint mobility in older dogs..

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GIOM Acute Movement Problems 60 tablets  + 20% extra free

The product contains a high content of the natural substance MSM, which has a beneficial effect on pain and joint mobility.
Boswellia serrata tree bark extract is beneficial in inflammatory joint diseases.
For muscle regeneration, strengthening of ligaments and tendons.
Improves joint mobility in older dogs.

Use in case of:

  • osteoarthritis,
  • problems with getting up,
  • for growth problems in young dogs,
  • for lameness or limping and other movement problems,
  • sudden or prolonged lameness or other musculoskeletal pain,
  • for patella luxation and subluxation.

Administer alone or in conjunction with GIOM Intensive Joint Nutrition, , which is then continued.

The product does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Ingredients in 1 kg

MSM 99,97% 930 000 mg
Boswellia serrata 20 000 mg
Vitamin C 30 000 mg

Weight of content 60 tablets is 60 g.

Weight up to 10 kg - 1/2 tbl. daily
10 - 20 kg - 1 tbl. daily
20 - 40 kg - 2 tbl. daily
weight over 40 kg - 3 tbl. daily

Serve for 1 month as a minumum.
Continuous serving is possible as well.

If the dog weighs up to 10 kg, a pack of 60 tablets for 4 months will suffice.
With a dog weight of 10 to 20 kg , a pack of 60 tablets is sufficient for 2 months .

Good day,
I would like to thank you for the quick processing of the order and for the gifts that came with it.
Your product is really effective and it helps our 8-year-old Bady a lot. Thanks again

Sona Tylova and Badik

Dobrý den,
chtěla bych vám poděkovat za Vaši produkty a také za rychlé vyřízení objednávky.
Objednávala jsem u vás opakovaně ,a musím hodnotit vase výrobky za velmi účinné. Diky vaším výrobkům akutní pohybové potíže a intenzivní kloubní výživa nás skoro 13 letý čtyřnohý kamarád a člen rodiny se znovu postavil na nohy. Velmi všem doporučuji vaše produkty. Moc děkuji za dáreček který jste spolu z objednávkou poslali pro našeho pejska.
S čistým svědomím vás vřele doporučuji, proto že vaší výrobky jsou opravdu účinné.
Přeji hezký den

Mrs. Šťastná

Veliké poděkování patří Vám. Felixíkovi skvěle pomáhají vaše preparáty na klouby. Ráda podávám i na srst a na posílení imunity.
Známe Vás s manželem osobně a děkujeme, že jste velice laskavý, ochotný a empatičtí lidé.

Mr. and Mrs. Horváth

Good day,
I would like to thank you for joint nutrition - acute movement problems for my female dachshund. After a month of use, the depressed dog, for whom walking was a punishment, became a competitor.
Again, I'm the one flying behind the leash and having to force her to slow down.
Thank you for this miracle.

Petra Drastichová

Good day,
I would like to thank you for the quick handling of our order (acute movement difficulties and joint nutrition), but also for the nice gift in the form of vitamins for our dog...:-)
Thank you and I wish you many happy customers

Fučíková Eva

We would like to thank you for the super fast processing and delivery of a repeat order for Hugoušek, who has osteoarthritis in his elbows.
We also have to arrange a commendation from his orthopedist MVDr. Duchka for your preparations for Acute movement problems and Intensive joint nutrition.

Mrs. Kretschmanová and Hugoušek

Good day,
Thank you for the quick delivery of your products - intensive joint nutrition and acute movement problems, which keep my Labrador boy Max moving and well-tuned at the age of 13, despite the difficulty with his legs. He was also pleased with the gift in the form of vitamins, which will certainly support the immunity of the canine senior.
I wish you a lot of success

Dana a Maxík z Boskovic

I want to thank you for the variable processing of the order and a gift in the form of extra tablets :))

Veronika Bošanská

Good day,
I would like to thank you for the super-fast processing of the multivitamin order and for a nice gift.
Your tablets were recommended to me by a veterinarian after my kangaroo spleen surgery. It's been almost two years and I'm convinced that the multivitamin giom is helping her and bringing her strength back to life.
I wish a lot of satisfied clients.

Jolana Šmídtová

Good day.
I would like to thank you for the always really fast delivery of shipments. I would dare to say that your tablets INTENSIVE JOINT NUTRITION and subsequently with the product ACUTE MOVEMENT PROBLEMS have enabled and still prolong my 14-year-old crossbreed NO the opportunity to still walk and move sufficiently despite all the deepening difficulties caused not only by age but also by previous injuries. In the second dog - mix of GS of a similar size for a change, the product for coat helped, which the dog received only 3 months, but the problem was avoided during the first 3 weeks of administration.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Eva M.

Good day,
I would like to thank you for the express delivery of joint pills for my retriever dog / they came just the day after ordering /.
I believe just like a multivit. tab. from you, so these will help him on his hind legs and he will still run with me.

Thank you very much and have a nice day
Your loyal customer and her dog grandfather from Příbram :-)

Eva Růžičková

Thanks for a great shop

I greet you all very much,
I know that you are a family business, so I would like to write you an e-mail, how satisfied I am with you, the dog runs after your tablets as a child and thanks you for a gift in the form of vitamins, which are also not cheap and I for a gift for me, you have made me very happy, I am ordering from you for the third time and I will not allow you.

I wish you a lot of satisfied customers and dog pets and additionally wish you all the best in the New Year and especially a lot of greetings,
best regards

Majka Trčková

Good day,
our nearly 10-year-old Labrador stopped walking day in and day out. His hind legs began to cause problems. We had to wear it up the stairs and up the stairs. He didn't even stay on his feet outside, so he didn't even pee properly. The vet told us that she would unfortunately already suffer from osteoarthritis. According to the reviews, I immediately ordered tablets for acute movement problems..
After a week of using our Denny, I walk again, it goes that the stairs and outside are already running beautifully 😊 Although I didn't believe it very much and miracles really happen 😊 Thank you very much and I will definitely order another sequel opravdu opravdu for me really effective. At least somehow relieve him of pain 😊 I recommend to 100% seriously work 😊

Mrs. Lenka and labrador

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