Products evaluation

Good day,
now I have picked up the package from you ...
Thank you so much for the gift in the form of vitamins. 😊 You're great!!!
Your customers M.Grossmanová and Tara 🐶

M. Grossmannová and Tara

I have 2 Pomeranian dogs ... female Miley started to shake in the year and I didn't know what was going on. I'm learning everything.
I bought her your Biotin Forte and wonder of the world, it's a miracle. She has a beautiful coat now.

Andrea Kučerová

Good day.
I have many years of experience with your products. Thanks to them, our females have great condition, quality fur, trouble-free movement ..., ie a happy life without restrictions and pain. Which is really thanks to GIOM, because we don't buy other preparations - there's no reason. Thank you very much for that. We will continue to use it as prevention.
I wish you all a pleasant day

Alena Uhrová

Good day,
our nearly 10-year-old Labrador stopped walking day in and day out. His hind legs began to cause problems. We had to wear it up the stairs and up the stairs. He didn't even stay on his feet outside, so he didn't even pee properly. The vet told us that she would unfortunately already suffer from osteoarthritis. According to the reviews, I immediately ordered tablets for acute movement problems..
After a week of using our Denny, I walk again, it goes that the stairs and outside are already running beautifully 😊 Although I didn't believe it very much and miracles really happen 😊 Thank you very much and I will definitely order another sequel opravdu opravdu for me really effective. At least somehow relieve him of pain 😊 I recommend to 100% seriously work 😊

Mrs. Lenka and labrador

Good day,
we have ordered from you 2 packs of GIOM for acute movement problems 180 tablets. What a nice surprise awaited us after unpacking the package 🙈.
We would like to thank you very much for the gift that came with GIOM Multivitamin and a small writing pad.
We do not take something so nice automatically and therefore we believe that we will also make you happy with your heartfelt thanks and we will be happy to buy from you next time.

Thanks to your product, our thirteen-year-old Weimar female Fela is in great condition.

Thank you very much I greet you with the respect and wishes of all the best to Sedláček 😉

Sedláčkovi and Weimaraner Fela

Good day,
I would like to thank you for processing the order for our dog student.
We have proven your products for years, so we know that they are excellent, and we value your helpfulness all the more. We will continue to order.

In the attachment, I would like to send you a small thank you.

Have a nice afternoon
for Helppes - Dog Training Center for the Disabled o.p.s.
Zuzana Daušová, dr.h.c. of Cynology & Social Service(CLCI/USA), ředitelka

Zuzana Daušová - Helppes - Dog training center for the disabled

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